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The Canadian Celiac Association Kingston Chapter and the national office provide the following resources to members and others who need information and help with gluten free issues.

   Websites: and

   Newsletters: The national office’s Celiac News and the Kingston Chapter’s Celiac Circular

   Brochures, books, and pamphlets on a variety of celiac issues, available from the Kingston Chapter

   The Kingston Chapter’s volunteer staff, who are trained to offer support and information

   Trained peer counsellors, available through the Kingston Chapter to provide one-on-one support

   Awareness activities carried out by the Kingston volunteers and staff

   Community support groups in various locations outside of Kingston

Other resources for information and support:

   Internet information sites and the discussion group “Kingston Celiac”

   Social media

   Doctors and dietitians

   A list of stores that carry gluten free products, available from the Kingston Chapter

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