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Gluten Free Diet

The gluten free diet is absolutely necessary if you have celiac disease. This is because your body no longer recognizes gluten, and gluten has become harmful to you.  People with Celiac in Kingston and everywhere else must eliminate all gluten from their diets for life.

Years ago, people with celiac didn’t have many options for eating gluten free, but that has really changed. Today there are tons of great products on the market that have made the gluten free diet easier and more satisfying. Even restaurants offer tasty gluten free options.

When you first start on a gluten free diet, it will take some time to discover which gluten free products you like. This can be an adventure as you get to try new things and experiment with your diet. There is also a wide range of “regular” foods you can eat, like fresh fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and most cheeses.

Of course, you’ll want to spend some time learning what is and isn’t safe to eat, and how to avoid cross-contamination. It is important to learn where gluten may be hiding and how to properly read labels. At the Canadian Celiac Association Kingston Chapter, we offer information and resources to help. All you have to do is ask.

As you begin your gluten free journey, remember to have fun, and to check every label, every time.

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